Good Times

Our Flowers, your pride!!

  35 CM 40 CM 50 CM 60 CM
Standard Box 500 stems 400 stems 350 stems 300 stems
Zim Box 700 stems 600 stems 500 stems 400 stems
Jumbo Box 1200 stems 1000 stems 800 stems 600 stems
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Shipping & Delivery

A client sends us his approximate order. Our manager makes a preliminary calculation of the cost of the flower along with the transportation costs and, if necessary, makes adjustments. The client makes a full prepayment (SWIFT – to our Kenyan bank or Western Union). After payment confirmation, we purchase the flower, reserve a place in the plane, organize the delivery of cargo to the airport, and conduct quality control before departure. After the departure, the final invoice, air waybill and other accompanying documents are sent to the client by e-mail. The client receives boxes with a flower from his transport company or at the airport.

The client tracks the cargo on the airline's website at the air waybill number specified in the documents sent to it. After the cargo arrives at the destination airport, the customs broker performs customs clearance, and the customer receives the flower.